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Bristol County Quidditch

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This is a current list of all member of the Bristol County Quidditch Club. If you would like to be a member visit the Contact Us page to the left and send us an e-mail.

Current Members

Alegria, Kelly

Bergus, Jen

Blanck, Allison

Brown, Lauren

Caldwell, Mary Kate

Collins, Allison

Conners, Brian

Davis, Kate

Lynch, Jessica

Manchester, Haley

Moriarty Barrows, Aimee

Newman, John

Nunes, Samantha

Reed, Amanda

Smus, Meaghan

Treacy, Patrick

Tremper, Casey [Referee]

Woodard, Timothy (Herr)

Welcome New Members!

This list may not reflect all current members at any particular point as it is updated daily. If you have joined and are not listed please wait 24 hours.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus