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Bristol County Quidditch

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How to score and how many points awarded


A chaser or seeker throws a quaffle through the opposing teams hoop whilst standing outside the keepers zone. The thrower has not broken any rules before throwing the quaffle and the keeper was free to deflect the ball but did not.

10 Points

The Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitch is caught by a seeker. The snitch is in the air whilst caught and has been thrown from one of the two snitchers. If the frisbee is in fact the Golden Snitch and it has not been interfered with by another player (except the other seeker)

75 Points and the game ends


A beater hits a bludger at the player in possession of the quaffle. The beater did not touch the bludger with his hands and the player was able to dodge the bludger but did not.

5 Points and the quaffle is dropped and open to all players except the player who dropped it.

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