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Bristol County Quidditch

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The following are rules for playing Muggle Quidditch

General Rules

- All players should respect their opponents and should not intend to injure them in anyway.

- Captains may call 2 time-outs during each game.

- The referee(s) reserve the right to throw out a player who is hazardous, or does not submit to their authority.

- Each player must keep his/her broom between his/her legs at all times (except the keepers).

- The match ends when the Golden Snitch is caught legally or upon mutual consent between the two Captains. 

- The team with the most points wins the match, regardless of who caught the Golden Snitch.

- There is no substitution at all during the game, even for injured players.

- The play continues after each goal. The keeper takes control of the quaffle and the play continues.

- Each new play begins with a jump ball in the center of the pitch.

- 1 chaser from each team may jump for the jump ball.

The Quaffle

- The quaffle can only be touched by chasers and seekers
- Upon catching the quaffle a player may take 3 steps before passing the quaffle
- 10 Points are scored if the quaffle is thrown through the opposing hoop by a chaser or seeker
- A quaffle may be blocked by a keeper or a bludger that is hit by a beater.
- The goal is nullified if more than just the keeper were in the keeper zone during the goal
- A quaffle may be intercepted or knocked out of the possession of another player
- When stealing the quaffle, a player may not touch the anatomy of the possessor. Only the quaffle itself may be touched
- If the possessor is struck with a beater he must drop the quaffle, making it open to all players except the dropper

The Bludger

- Only a beater may use the bludger
- A beater may not touch the bludger with his/her anatomy
- The bludger may only be hit using a tennis racquet
- Upon lifting the bludger off the ground, a beater has 3 second to hit the bludger
- Any player hit by a bludger, regardless of his position or team, must drop any ball he possesses and spin around for 5 seconds
- A bludger may be deflected only by another beater
- If a players broom is struck by a bludger, but the player is not, the player must spin once and retain possession of any ball
- A hit to the face with a bludger is legal

The Golden Snitch

- The snitch may only be thrown by the 2 snitchers
- It may only be touched by the seekers
- A seeker must catch it before it hits the ground
- No points are awarded for catching false snitches
- 75 points for catching the real snitch
- Other players may not intentionally interfere with a flying snitch
- The snitch should be thrown between the two seekers on the field and impartially to any team

How to Score

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