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Bristol County Quidditch

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This page contains an example quidditch match

First, the players take position on the pitch. The snitchers take their places on the side lines. The referee begins the match with the blowing of a whistle/horn and a jump toss of the quaffle

The Chaser

Their objective is to throw the quaffle into one of the 3 hoops. Once a quaffle is caught by a chaser they have 3 steps and must then pass. The same rules of traveling in basketball apply. The chaser is also trying to avoid being hit by bludgers from the opposing team. Each team will have 3 chasers.

The Beater

The beater is responsible for the bludgers on the field. He has 2 main objectives. To hit bludgers at opposing chasers and to block quaffles from hitting his our players. A beater carries a tennis raquet, which he uses to lift the bludger in the air and hit the bludger. A beater may not touch a bludger with his hands, he must only use the raquet. Each team will have 2 bludgers.

The Keeper

The keeper is responsible for protecting the hoops. He cannot leave the keepers zone. He has a broom which he uses to block incoming quaffles along with his hands. Each team will have 1 keeper.

The Seeker

The seeker is responsible for catching the Golden Snitch. There will be 2 snitchers on the sidelines. They will be throwing frisbees. The frisbees must be caught while still in midair. Only one frisbee will be the actual Gold Snitch, many of them will be false snitches which will earn the team no points. Catching the Golden Snitch earns 75 points and end the game. While not chasing the snitch, a seeker may play as a chaser. Each team will have 1 seeker.

The Referee

The referee will in charge of keeping score and maintaining order on the pitch. He will require knowledge of all rules and penalties. Ideally, each game will have 2 referees.

The Snitcher

The snitcher is a unaffiliated player. He is responsible for throwing the frisbees that represent snitches. The frisbee should be thrown roughly between the 2 seekers on the field. Once all of the snitches are thrown the snitcher will retrieve them, without interrupting gameplay. There will be 2 snitchers, one on each sideline.

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